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If you’re still thinking about the ornate furniture, dramatic lighting and incredibly beautiful people featured in Salvatore Ferragamo’s Fall 2012 campaign, have we’ve got a treat for you: The brand just released an accompanying video. The promotional clip stars the same models as the ad—Kate Moss, Karmen Pedaru and Sean O’Pry—wandering the halls of Berlin’s Russian embassy to moody music. Watch it below.More on Luckymag.com:This Dress Shirt Promises to Make Your Boyfriend Look Less SweatyShop Key Trends From the Fall 2012 Haute michael kors astrid carryall Couture ShowsPippa Middleton Wears a Peplum WellThe Bikini Turns 66!Shop It Out: Spider-Man’s Girlfriends

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New Parisian-based cashmere company Exemplaire, michael kors bath accessories established by 26-year-old Jean-Victor Meyers—grandson of L’Oréal matriarch Liliane Bettencourt—and his friend Louis Leboiteux, also 26, creates men’s fashion for the likes of its founders—affluent young men looking for quality garments in slim, youthful silhouettes.“I was shopping with my parents, and I couldn’t find a single high-end cashmere sweater in the fit I wanted,” says Meyers, who has a tall, lean stature. “It occurred to me that a cashmere sweater remains modern and desirable at any age and in any color, and every man should own one that he feels good in and that will last.” According to Meyers, Exemplaire’s main point of difference is the fit. The collection, which launched for fall at Barney’s, consists of 12 slim-fitting cashmere sweaters and scarves. The sweaters are in a neutral color palette, including navy, gray, beige, and black; some have lambskin insets, elbow patches, or leather piping to add a hint of structure. Items range from a single-ply crew-neck sweater ($1,200) to a five-ply motorcycle jacket ($3,200). As for the construction, the cashmere is assembled and sewn almost entirely by hand in factories in Tuscany and Mayenne, France. Just 50 pieces are made in each style, aside from those blended with rarer fabrics, like this season’s cashmere-and-chinchilla hooded sweater ($3,200), which will come in just 30 pieces. Meyers says Exemplaire’s spring-summer collection will comprise nearly double the number of styles for fall—made with thin, lightweight blends that will include silk and vicuña—and they plan to keep the quantities small and exclusive. (www.exemplaire.com)

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These posters started appearing on the streets of Los Angeles Thursday morning. This one was at the corner of La Brea and Melrose Avenues, not far from Hollywood.The telephone number will connect you with the National Security Agency’s Chief Public Liaison Officer for the Freedom of Information Act, at Fort Meade, Maryland.If you call, sell hello for michael kors purses metallic us.But on second thought, are you really sure you want to make that call?

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In this classic battle of Big Oil vs. Big Ensuring the Survival of the Planet, Texas oil companies are fighting a California environmental bill that would reduce emissions of climate-altering gases by 15 percent below current levels by 2020 through a variety of means, including a regional cap-and-trade system, according to The New York Times. Opponents of the bill want the state s unemployment rate to go down before the law goes into effect, since adhering to the legislation could cause the operating costs of California refineries to rise, which could mean layoffs or closures. (According to the Times, while Governor Schwarzenegger himself has also said he is worried that the new law could cause job losses, he said he believes that the oil companies objections are motivated by greed, not by concern for the financial well-being of California citizens.) This michael kors bags made china is exactly the wrong time to be implementing a cap and trade program that will further hurt consumers and cause more job losses. We are supporting a measure that would give California voters the chance to express their opinion on whether this legislation should be implemented now, a spokesman from Valero, a San Antonio based oil company, told the Times. His nemesis, a spokesman for Californians for Clean Energy & Jobs, said he expected a battle royal [sic] come November. Not since M.I.A. vs. Gaga has there been so much at stake, and have a generation s loyalties been so tested.

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Unless you’ve been sealed in a subterranean, pop-culture-free chamber for the past six months, you know that The Dark Knight Rises, the final installment in Christopher Nolan’s incredible big-screen Batman trilogy, opens nationwide today. Anne Hathaway, who plays Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) in the film, has been hitting the international promotional trail in a big way over the past michael kors sunglasses caitlyn few weeks—and sartorially speaking, she really wowed us.While she may not take tons of red carpet risks (like, say, Diane Kruger or Emma Stone), Anne certainly knows how to pick a fantastic LBD, neutral metallic gown or pretty floral print that truly flatters her form. Click through the gallery to see some of the most notable looks she wore on DKR’s press tour—and to shop similar alternatives for yourself. Which outfit’s your favorite?

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Dear Lucky: How Do I Look Great (But Still Practical) At My Three Jobs?Q: I have three jobs: dog walker, assistant and event coordinator. For all of them the attire generally consists of a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. But I feel so much more confident when I dress up, and I’ve got a closet full of dresses, tops and shoes that just collect dust. How do I look great (but still functional and practical) at these jobs? —Kori By Jean Godfrey-JuneIllustrations by Lauren Friedman A: Dear Kori,
Jump on the evening-for-day bandwagon, which is huge, says executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. The key to purses like michael kors this look is in mixing the formal and casual elements: “You can take a dress and make it casual with a cardigan and flat shoes—or you can make jeans fancier with a sparkly top and a pair of heels. Either way, the idea is to have fun. It’s sort of a great excuse to pull a bunch of stuff out of your closet and mix it up—” Alexis’ eyes glowed, warming to the idea. “I love throwing things together that I wouldn’t normally pair and seeing how it works. And I love shopping my closet!” Think nighttime with daytime, think unexpected and think how great you’re going to look (and feel!).Wool-blend blazer, $375, pants, $375, Theory. Select Bloomingdale’s, 800-232-1854. Top, $77, wildfoxcouture.com

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The recent earthquake in Chile has michael kors bags replica philippines literally rocked the planet, and now the length of each day will be 1.26 milliseconds (0.00126 seconds) shorter, which is so unfair. It seems the quake, which was the seventh strongest ever recorded, shifted something apparently meaningful called the Earth s figure axis by about three inches. Scientific representation or model at right.According to Space.com: Strong earthquakes have altered Earth’s days and its axis in the past. The 9.1 Sumatran earthquake in 2004, which set off a deadly tsunami, should have shortened Earth’s days by 6.8 microseconds and shifted its axis by about 2.76 inches (7 cm, or 2.32 milliarcseconds).[...] The Chile earthquake was much smaller than the Sumatran temblor, but its effects on the Earth are larger because of its location. Its epicenter was located in the Earth’s mid-latitudes rather than near the equator like the Sumatran event. And now, the entire planet has a completely valid excuse for failing to complete tasks or arriving late to things.

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The following is a guest post from our friends at The Budget Fashionista.Sometimes, I contradict myself. After over a month of shopping for holiday presents, food, clothes, gifts and decorations, for months in to the new year I will cringe at the thought of ever shopping again. Haven’t I spent enough money? However, I’m also a firm believer that there is always one exception to every rule—and here is mine: I love post holiday shopping.I know, what? After all the money spent, all my whines and groans, I confess that I love shopping after the holidays?The thing is, I’m not alone. And it’s not always the richest, or the shopping-addicted that you find still shopping after all reason for spending and cheer has dissipated with the past year; it’s the savviest. It sounds odd, yes. I’m sure you are thinking “why would a savvy shopper KEEP SHOPPING?”And the answer is two words: The Deals. Here are my favorite things to buy during my post holiday shopping spree.Favorite Post Holiday Shopping Buys1. Gift Wrap: For over 50% of the going rate, stock up for next year. This goes for anything festive—ribbon, tape, cards and all other decorations. Buy it up, pack it away and next year you will find that you saved on money AND time.2. Food: Specifically, candy. At prices 70% or so, buy up that peppermint hot chocolate, the Crunch bells and whatever else you fancy. Note that you can’t save it for next year, but you can save on what you would normally pay regular price for.3. Cars: Dealerships are clearing out inventory for the next year’s line. If you are looking to buy or lease a car, this is the time to do it.4. Clothes: Shops are getting rid of winter gear and prepping for spring. Buy up snow attire, hats, scarves michael kors sunglasses m2835s camila and even items like skis, snowboards and coats.As you can see, the only reason holiday shopping ends is that most people are tired of spending money—but if you play it smart and prolong your shopping endurance, you can end up saving more and shopping less next year. 

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Rejoice! Mercury has gone direct and is no longer in retrograde! For those not so astrologically inclined, this basically means that everything is going to be okay. When Mercury is in retrograde, everything in life seems completely out of whack. Everybody is on edge, communication becomes difficult and you often don’t feel like yourself. It happens a few times every year and causes all sorts of problems, big and small. One day you might lose your keys, another you might break a heel or worse. Regardless of what horrors await during this time, even the most skeptical agree it can be a very bothersome few weeks.With the breakdown in communication, most astrologists advise that you not make any large purchases (especially electronics) or sign any major contracts during this period. That means no fancy trips to the department store or online shopping binges. So presumably, you’ve spent the past few weeks saving your cash. And now that Mercury is full-on direct, it’s time to blow it all. Let us michael kors shoes at amazon help you with some of these killer big-ticket items.

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip –  When the ruler of Qatar arrives in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, he will hand the Palestinian territory’s Hamas rulers their biggest diplomatic victory since taking power five years ago. The first head of state to visit Hamas-controlled Gaza, the emir will deliver more than $250 million in aid, a move that will deepen the Islamic militant group’s control of Gaza and which reflects the rising influence of the Muslim Brotherhood across the region. The Brotherhood now governs Egypt, and Islamic parties have made gains elsewhere in the region since last year’s popular revolts that became known as the Arab Spring. Qatar has been a key ally of the movement, which includes the Palestinian offshoot Hamas. The visit by Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani comes over the deep reservations of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas. Hamas ousted Abbas’ forces in Gaza during its June 2007 takeover of the territory, leaving the president in control only of the West Bank. In a phone conversation on the eve of the visit, Abbas welcomed the emir’s intentions to help the people of Gaza, under an Israeli-led blockade since the Hamas takeover, but reminded the Qatari leader that he remains the internationally recognized leader of the Palestinians. “He stressed the necessity to preserve the legitimate representation of the Palestinian people … and he asked him to urge Hamas in Gaza to go for reconciliation and to end this split,” said Abbas’ spokesman, Nabil Abu Rdeneh. Another Abbas aide, Nimr Hamad, used even stronger language. “Such visits give Hamas the impression that the visitors recognize their rule and that would reinforce the split and not help the reconciliation,” he said. On Monday, however, it was clear that the trip was proceeding. A late night statement from the office of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi said his country welcomed the emir’s visit to Gaza, which it said were part of Egypt’s effort “to break the siege on the people” of the territory. A convoy of some 30 brand new SUVs and minivans, along with several dozen Qatari security men, crossed through the Egyptian border in preparation for the visit. Streets were decorated with white and maroon Qatari flags and signs thanking the Gulf nation for its support. Hamas’ Interior Ministry, which oversees security, said it had a “well prepared plan” to protect the emir, deploying thousands of security men and blocking roads to Gaza City’s main soccer stadium, where the Qatari leader was expected to address a packed audience. “No doubt the visit is very important. I hope, as many others do, that he will work again to achieve the national reconciliation,” said Ihad Awad, a 29-year-old civil servant. Qatar has played a key role in the reconciliation process. Earlier this year, the emir brought together Abbas and Hamas’ supreme leader in exile, Khaled Mashaal, to make a deal. Under the arrangement, Abbas was to lead an interim unity government to pave the way for new elections in the Palestinian territories. That deal, like previous reconciliation attempts, quickly foundered, in large part because of opposition by Gaza’s Hamas leaders. In a statement, Hamas said the emir’s arrival had deep significance. “It is the first visit by an Arab leader at this level to Gaza,” it said. “This breaks the political isolation of the government and opens the door to break the siege.” When he crosses through the Rafah crossing along Gaza’s southern border with Egypt, Sheik Hamad will discover a territory hit hard by war and international isolation. Hamas, whose violent ideology calls for the destruction of Israel, is considered a terrorist group by Israel and the West. Following the takeover, Israel and Egypt imposed a blockade on Gaza, a crowded seaside strip of land sandwiched between the two countries. The following year, Israel launched a fierce three-week military offensive in response to repeated rocket fire out of Gaza. The Israeli actions have hit Gaza’s economy hard, and much of the damage from the fighting has never been repaired. Still, Hamas remains firmly in control, and momentum seems to be swinging in the group’s favor. Two years ago, Israel was forced to ease the closure under heavy international criticism after a naval raid killed nine activists trying to break the blockade and sail to Gaza. Then, the Arab Spring swept longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from power. The election of Mohammed Morsi, a fellow Islamist, in Egyptian presidential elections has raised expectations in Gaza of a new era of warmer relations. While many Egyptians criticized Mubarak for cooperating with the Israeli blockade, rising militant activity in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula have tempered calls for openness with Gaza. Al-Qaida-inspired groups in Sinai are believed to have ties with militants in neighboring Gaza. Morsi’s critics have used his closeness to Hamas to feed fears that Sinai will be controlled by Islamic militants. Morsi’s government has backed away from proposals over the summer to establish a free trade zone with Gaza. Military analyst Hossam Sweilam, a former Egyptian general, said the growing ties between Hamas and Egypt, with Qatar’s backing, has “very dangerous ramifications.” Reflecting a fear commonly voiced in Egypt, he predicted Hamas would try to exploit the alliance to move militants into Sinai, potentially drawing Israeli retaliation. Israel captured the Sinai in the 1967 Mideast war, returning it 12 years later in a historic peace deal with Egypt. “This support will deepen the rift between the Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip and will give a green light to Hamas to move its militant arm to Sinai to use it as its base to launch attacks against Israel and which will give Israel the pretext to invade and occupy Sinai once again,” Sweilam said. The Qataris have said the visit is purely humanitarian. The emir is expected to launch $254 million worth of construction projects, including three roads, a hospital and a new town that will bring thousands of jobs to the impoverished territory. The economic boost is sure to help Hamas’ standing, especially at a time when the rival government in the West Bank struggles to stay afloat because of international donors’ failure to deliver promised funding. The visit reflects the flexible foreign policy that Qatar has taken in recent years. The oil-rich Gulf state expanded its regional influence during the Arab Spring uprisings that toppled dictators in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt last year, lending support to protesters linked to the region-wide Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is an offshoot of the Brotherhood, but has adopted a more militant ideology as part of its conflict michael kors jelly bags with Israel. At the same time, Qatar keeps close ties with Washington, hosting a major U.S. air base and thousands of American troops. The country is leading Arab calls to aid Syrian forces trying to topple Bashar Assad. Yet it also has close ties with Syria’s key ally, Iran. In 1996, Qatar made a groundbreaking move to allow Israel to open a trade office in the capital Doha. The office was closed in January 2009 after Israel’s incursion into Gaza, and Qatar then began to boost aid to Hamas. Qatar already wielded considerable indirect influence through broadcaster Al-Jazeera, whose launch in 1996 was bankrolled by the Qatari government. It also won the right to host the 2022 World Cup, defeating far bigger bidders including the United States and Japan. Qatar’s economic reach goes well beyond its oil and gas riches. Its government-backed sovereign funds hold a variety of trophy assets including stakes in London’s Heathrow, Stansted and other British airports; the Italian fashion house Valentino; Britain’s venerable Harrods department store; French luxury conglomerate LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton and high-end American jeweler Tiffany. ___ Maggie Michael in Cairo, Mohammed Daraghmeh in Ramallah, West Bank, and Brian Murphy in Dubai contributed to this report.